KnitPro Cubics double-pointed needles

kr 139,92

Double-pointed needles are perfect for small garments such as socks, baby sleeves, the end of a hat, etc. The wooden needles are lighter in weight and hold the stitches better than metal needles, which tend to be a bit heavy and slip out after a few stitches. Each doublet set consists of 5 needles in 20 cm length.

Square-shaped knitting needles
If you like knitting stockings/socks, but suffer from arthritis in your hands/fingers, these knitting needles may be what you need. As these knitting needles are square-shaped, they are more comfortable to knit with, as they are easier to hold. In addition, they are made of wood, which makes them light weight. Then they feel "warm" in the hands, unlike metal needles, which (according to many knitters) often feel "cold".

KnitPro Cubic knitting needles are made of laminated birch wood. They are incredibly easy to hold and work with. The needles are smooth, so the stitches slide well, but not so smooth that the stitches slip off.

About KnitPro
If you are a keen knitter, there is a good chance that you already have knitting needles from KnitPro in your kit chest. KnitPro is not only a pro at making good knitting needles; the company also has a big heart for its employees, and a burning commitment to improving the conditions of Indian women and ensuring that the children in the local community receive a basic education.

Since its launch in 2009, KnitPro's knitting needles have become among the most popular and best known in the world. This is both because of the product's very good quality, but also because of the great commitment to society and the care that the company's owners show for their employees.

KnitPro is a family run company in Jaipur, a beautiful city in India. The factory currently has 900 employees, and as many as 400 of these are women, which is an exceptionally high proportion in an Indian company.

KnitPro has so much confidence in the quality of their own products that they offer a lifetime guarantee on both needles and crochet hooks. If you feel that an item does not measure up, you can therefore return it to where you bought it, and have a new one delivered.