Unikt Garn operates with hand-dyed quality yarn dyed in small batches. For us, hand-dyed yarn is exclusive, unique and fun. Colors are incredibly rewarding, and we are constantly discovering new, wonderful combinations. The colors play out differently depending on the type of yarn and the process, and this is just as exciting every time!

We are very conscious of using very good quality yarn. (You can find more about the yarn types we have here.) These consist of different types of wool, some silk and some yarn types have a small amount of synthetic fiber in them for durability and strength. We use colors intended for dyeing protein fibers and nylon, so-called acid dyes. These provide clear and durable results. All yarn is guaranteed to come from sheep that have not been exposed to mulesing, and all skeins sent out are dyed, skeined, labeled and packed by our hands.

We hope you find something you like! We greatly appreciate the support and will do our utmost to have satisfied customers. If you are looking for something special, whether it concerns yarn type or colours, contact us by clicking on the image above, and we will be happy to help you.